Thursday, September 3, 2009


the boiling pengat pisang

the serabai

the serabai & the pengat

this is our juadah for breaking fast today, serabai.

made from tepung beras & is usually eaten with kuah gula melaka or pengat durian.
but i think any pengat will do.

anyway, outside of Ramadhan, this soft-cake/pancake-like dish is not easily found.
last year, 4 = RM1. now 1 = 30sen.

serabai is also known as "kuih orang mati"... why?
because it is also usually served during kenduri arwah.

and it is also 1 of my favourite food....


fendifid said...

sedapnya...tak sure la pernah makan ke tak...but it looks so delicious la.

Ms Annies Yusof said...

the word serabai in kedahan means sthg like 'comot'... hehe

Mard said...

yes annies, i know...hehe...

tapi memang comot pun kuih ni.

comot yet delicious

Ms Annies Yusof said...

so, when r u going to make it for me? tart nenas skali :-P