Tuesday, March 31, 2009

tho those who insulted my job...

I'm proud to be a teacher...
and you have no right to insult my job...
Allah wills me to be a teacher because He knows what's best for me.

Dan Tuhanmu menciptakan apa yang dirancangkan berlakunya, dan Dialah juga yang memilih (satu-satu dari makhluk-Nya untuk sesuatu tugas atau keutamaan dan kemuliaan); tidaklah layak dan tidaklah berhak bagi sesiapapun memilih (selain dari pilihan Allah). Maha Suci Allah dan Maha Tinggilah keadaan-Nya dari apa yang mereka sekutukan dengan-Nya.
{ Ayat 68 : Surah al-Qasas }

no specific title

the last time i wrote... about 2 weeks ago.

a lot to write but couldn't find the time.

it's week 11 of KPM's academic calendar, another 4 weeks to go before the students sit for their final exam. next week ENG 3112 & COM 3162 (both are Communication English subjects) students will be delivering their final "speech". the topic should be something "persuasive". have been telling them for ages that "persuasive" is not as easy as "informative".... yet... some of them are still... baru nak cari tajuk. hmmm....

this saturday, 4th April, is Hari Warga for KPM Melaka. the event will be held at our new campus at Tiang Dua. be moving there end of May, Insya Allah. but some lecturers will be staying at the "original" campus as 1 course, Diploma in Entrepreneurship (DEn) will stay put. only Business and Accounting students will be going to the new campus. so come June 2009, the "original" campus will be known as KPM Melaka City Campus, while the new campus will be known as KPM Tiang Dua... but i was told it will be renamed as KPM Ayer Molek. when? no idea....

what else... hmmm...

ha, to those reading my blog... please...please...please... ensure your children, your wards and perhaps yourselves to at least master the correct use of "he-she" and "is-are-was-were-am"...
it is really disheartening to see many anak melayu, even after 11 years of learning English, still couldn't master basic English grammar rules. some still use "he" when referring to female and "she" when referring to male.

for generations, my family has always believe that learning a different language doesn't make you less Malay...

those who believe it will, grow up....

Monday, March 16, 2009

Tourist Guide for a friend from Jitra, Kedah

Saturday: 14 March 2009

a close friend visited Melaka... together with her hubby, G & their 3-year old son, Umar.

so i took them to Banda Hilir and we visited Menara Taming Sari, Forta de Santiago and Flor de Lamar.

we only managed to cover those 3 places plus Mahkota Parade as we arrived there quite late, around 2.30pm.

Menara Taming Sari (before going up)

Menara Taming Sari

Forta de Santiago
(which Umar claimed as "my castle")

Flor de Lamar
(Umar called it "pirate ship")

Umar looking at the remnants of a long-forgotten fort

right after this photo was snapped, he threw up his hands and said,
...much to the amazement of his umi and me...

"my castle is ruined!"

"aku tak ajar pun dia that word..."
his umi said

Umar is 3 years and 5 months old and he loves to watch cartoons


... hantaran majlis pertunangan my younger brother...
5 berbalas 7

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Impak Maksima


segala dugaan berjaya ditempuhi...

I got my P today!!!

(getting ready to do drift....hehehe)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

WMF 4112

nope... not my car.
the car i'm using for learning to drive and also, for testing purposes.

the only auto transmission car available for Melaka Tengah district.

anyway, Thursday 5th March... D-Day.
JPJ Test!!!!

my usus-usus are berpintal-pintal at the moment.