Friday, February 27, 2009

Malaysian politicians: macam ketam ajar anak berjalan lurus

"How am I to go in front of a class of young Malaysian teenagers and ask them to believe in Malaysian leaders when these leaders do nothing more than wash dirty laundry in public, dig up past dirt, hit others below the belt, degrade women in Parliament and backstab each other?

These are all things that we teach our young not to be and yet they see these happening among the leaders who have been elected to steer our country to greater heights. Malakaru, Puchong."
The Star, 27.2.2009


many people (read: politicians) are complaining about the deteriorating behaviours of today's youths...blaming the internet and mass media for causing the bad behaviour. they then later blame parents, schools and teachers for not taking enough and appropriate actions to curb it. but do they not realize that they themselves are actually promoting all those bad behaviours to the youngsters? behaving like hooligans at the Parliament, saying all those ****** words, asking their supporters to do whatever it takes to prevent others from doing whatever needs to be done, etc.

it's a no wonder that today's youngsters behave the way they behave...

because their own leaders....behave that way.

macam ketam ajar anak berjalan lurus, tapi dia sendiri jalan senget.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

So happy...

cikgu Nik, cikgu Hamzan, cikgu Bakar, cikgu Shahrom....

terima kasih banyak2 kerana sudi bertemu saya tengahari tadi.

they were having a course (SPMa) at Naza Hotel, 3 buildings away from KPMM.
so during lunch hour, i went there to meet them.
it was cikgu nik who called & informed me about them being there.
all 4 were former teachers of MRSM Jasin, back when I was a student there, SPM 1990.
and years later.... cikgu Nik became PPHEP at MRSM PDRM, my previous work place.
and from cikgu nik, i learnt a lot about being a good teacher and also a good "manager".
that's why, when i was in PDRM, selalu tersasul antara Encik Nik & cikgu Nik.
sebab dah terbiase memanggil beliau dgn panggilan "cikgu"...maka bila rakan2 sekerja yg lain memanggil beliau dgn "Encik Nik".... agak sukar untuk beralih ke panggilan tersebut.
cikgu, saya minta maaf jika ketersasulan itu... mengundang rasa kurang senang.
apapun, i really appreciate what my teachers taught me all those years, directly or indirectly.
and now that I'm a teacher, i know how they felt when they taught me and my friends, many years ago....
cikgu-cikgu.... ampunkan kenakalan kami ye!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2 weddings in the same month

... early May... my cousin, Nani. Hubby-2-be, a teacher from the same school as she is.

... end of May, my younger bro....

my dad already fening...

so do my aunt and uncle...

Monday, February 23, 2009

How to get to my house

Click on the picture for a bigger version.

Monday, February 16, 2009


from my mentee, Radiah.
Thanks dear...
...tapikan, sayang giler nak makan!!!

ni pulak from my sis in Peterborough, UK.
yupp....memang I lurve chocolates...!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Le Tour de Langkawi - Stage 4

one of the police cars used

more of the cyclers

...and off they went...

with "DIQUIGIOVANNI-ANDRONI" team before Stage 4 started
(with 2 of their cyclers and team manger, Gianni Savio)

Encik-encik polis fening tengok gelagat "penonton"
(read: "pelajar KPMM"....hehehe)

among KPMM lecturers who watched the event
(kak Faiz, kak Ida & kak Alina)

Encik-encik polis trafik sedang dengar taklimat before Stage 4 started

kereta team Malaysia

kereta team LeTua

stage 4 = Melaka-Bangi 221km....aduh, jauh bangat. aku kayuh 1 km pun dah pancet!!!

cume yg tak syok about this LTdL was the massive traffic congestion it caused. Dah le info about the road closure tak dibagitau...if the authorities claimed they informed it via media i.e radio, tv, newspaper...helloooo, berape kerat yg sempat ikuti via media? at least inform la sekolah2, pejabat2, yang laluan ke tempat mereka itu bakal ditutup. Also, suggest the alternative routes. Bukan semua tahu alternative routes sesuatu tempat itu. The authorities must remember not everyone has enough time to access media and also "technology". At least, letak le signboard kata jalan sana-sini-sinun tutup...ini, nothing at all. Tau-tau... dah trapped in the congestion.

Bukan krete je berasap, otak ngan ati pun berasap je....
(meminjam kata2 seorang rakan sekerja)

Le Tour de Langkawi 2009- Stage 3

Tarian kebudayaan before the cyclers arrived

3 Dara Pingitan

Puteri 7

Wirawati Melaka...hehehe

Taken from 3rd floor of KPM Melaka. The cycler in yellow is the winner for Stage 3 LTdL 2009, Mattia Gavazzi

after crossing the finish line je, terus "dimandikan" abang-abang bomba

peserta LTdL turut diserbu oleh pelajar KPMM

The finishing line of Stage 3 was very near my college. So did the starting of Stage 4. So, everybody, and i mean EVERYBODY, was so excited... ye la, bukan selalu international event buat kat sini. So, when one is here, join and enjoy it la. hehehe...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bior beno..?

my friend went to Bandung recently...

this is one of the photos he took
(fendi, pinjam gambau kau yg ni)

terkejut memule tu tapi pastu bantai gelak....
bior beno itu nama karipap di Bandung...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

This & That...

English written in Jawi

due to my bad left leg, I've to use auto transmission to learn and for testing as well

My MP3 player

"Nemo" recently given by a former student, Eemir
(for my 36th birthday)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Lawatan Timbalan Menteri MECD his word "saja nak singgah".... (when he gave his speech)

anyway, i didnt know of the visit (no many of us do actually) until this morning, when En. Azhar stopped me after i punched-in.

"mard, tolong buat skrip MC untuk lawatan Timb Menteri MECD."

i thought, hal...ingat kan lambat lagi.

boy...was i wrong... "pagi ni pukul 9.30" said En. Azhar.

my "aaaaa"....

.....was 7 harakat.