Thursday, April 15, 2010

bahasa SMS

i do use 'bahasa SMS' but only the ones yg have been 'universally' accepted. so imagine my shock when i received this SMS from a student:

'ms, ass bl kn anta?'


i only know 2 'ass'-es. The keldai and the pungkoq.

but instead of asking the meaning of her 'ass', i replied:
"kamu cakap bahasa alien mana ni?"

hehehe.... baru le dia hantar ayat yg elok sket...

i don't know about ejin, but i do have students yg when writing essays, somehow tak leh lari dari writing 'u' instead of 'you', 'b4' instead of 'before' so on so forth.

what did i do? aku kata, "1 bahasa sms korang guna, sengaja atau tak, aku tolak 5 markah". ngeh ngeh ngeh... that seems to get their attention... 5 markah oiii... banyak tu. nak-nak plak if markah yg diorang dapat, is already low to begin with.


Omecool20 said...

hehe ... pandai awak tegur mereka ... hahaha :D

Mard said...

i know she meant 'assignment' but i do not wish to encourage that kind of SMS language.

biau le they thought i'm not SMS-tech, yg penting... bahasa yg ku ajar, elok

Sally said...

I too have this kind of problem with my boys..*sigh*

Liz Duan said...

ha ha ha...---i am way behind in sms words---byk kali i have to get another person to translate lagi pulak kalau campur aduk eng and bm...nga nga aku!

Ejin said...

memang!!! I also have students yang "tertulis" bahasa sms in their exam scripts ...they have been told (and warned) time and time again not to do such thing, and I can only deduct their marks le ...first years are the worst offenders but when they are in 3rd year - baru nampak kepekaan sket ...heheheh Mrad, now pun I tengah pening reading their essays!!!