Saturday, July 4, 2009

Selamat Terima Menantu Kak Poi

tadik balik Kg Teluk Berembang, Lubuk Cina; my mom's kampung; to attend the wedding of kak poi's daughter. Kak Poi or Fauziah, is Mak Ngah Maimon's daughter. Genetically they are not our relatives as my grandma (my mom's legally adopted mom) was an only child. That's why my grandma was known as "Enggal" or "Wan Enggal"...

anyway, they were my grandma's closest neighbour for the longest time; a few years before i was born. Even though they are not our relatives, we still regard them as one.

So, today, Mak Ngah terima cucu-menantu... ke ada gelaran lain? Aku hentam je yg cucu-menantu tu. Anyway, we didn't stay until dad hasn't been feeling well since last night.

Apapun, Datuk Wira Abu Seman pun ada tadik. I saw him dari dalam rumah... i was helping my cousins siapkan lauk pengantin. Dia tgh nak ke belakang umah, tgk org masak lauk... yup, for her granddaughter's wedding, mak ngah ajak orang kg & sedara mara masak reramai. memang meriah.... BTW, YB was invited by the bride's father. Lagipun YB memang wakil rakyat kg tu.

so, to mak ngah & family... thanks for the layanan yg amat mesra. To Zira & Mohammad, congrats & may you live happily ever after, just like your mom & dad and also your wan & tok.

no idea anak sape but i think they are cute!

my late grandma's house

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