Wednesday, December 2, 2009

kesah 'sunny-side up' ketika meeting

lepas meeting tadik, ada la orang belanja all AJKs: cekodok, nescafe & nasi lemak yg mantopz.

since nasi lomak tu di pack, maka most of us nak makan kat own room le.

as i was easing out of my seat, ternampak la kakak sebelah bukak polisterine dia.

she took the sunny-side up egg out of the polisterine (dgn sude le) and somehow, quite loudly gak, asked:

'sape ada telur keras?'

sume yg masih ada (quite a few + one male AJK) looked at her... and 2 seconds later...


the kakak really looked blur... nape sume ketawa....

she soon realized why and she was like that's-not-what-i-meant-la....

but then, lepas tu dia sendiri gelak for the double-entandre blooper.

the male AJK?

merah muka dia... tapi dia bantai gelak gak pastu....

--- moral: an innocent question can mean the opposite if you're not careful... hehehe

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