Thursday, August 6, 2009

when people depend too much on technology

this semester I'm teaching Public Presentation Skills (Public Speaking le tu) to semester 3 students.

I've been teaching this subject since last semester.

what 'disgusted' me the most is, some students have become too dependent on technology (read: Power Point Slide presentation) that the idea of using other types of presentation, is like a death sentence to them.

they said, PPS is better & more creative & more effective.

which I said not necessarily.

what's the point of using PPS if your materials & content, hampeh je?

I've had students who did not use PPS at all, but still managed to score more than 60/65 (the marks for their presentation)...

kenapa tak 65? heh, i'm not the type yg bagi perfect score le. hehehe

yg gune PPS pun markah tak setinggi yg tak gune PPS.

So I told this group of students, it's not a matter of high-tech presentation, it's a matter of your content/materials used, how you manipulate it to your advantage and of course, the charisma of the presenters themselves

sebab tu nama course ni: Public Presentation Skills.


p/s: aku sndri jarang ngajo gune PPS


duta said...

+ hermmm +
sektor perguruan... boleh ask herry + azrul... ehhehe all the best... kadang2 hidup tak selalunya adil! hehehe

Ejin said...

hehehe I did that to my students as well ...for seminar presentation, diorang boleh pakai apa style diorang nak as long as content and message sampai far, dah 2 minggu buat...all groups pakai Powerpoint! But another 10 weeks to go - aku tak putus harapan lagi ...hehehee