Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First time MC-ing

jadik "announcer" biase le... but full MC...nope.
So, when I was asked to be the MC for MISRA,
in a way, proud...but on the other hand,
Dino World in my tummy.

after a few sleepless nights...
many changes of the script...
sebelum acara bermula pun dok tukau skrip lagi...
the time finally came.

since no rostrum was provided for the MC,
once in a while,
I had to hold on to the mike stand to help hide my nervousness & my shakiness...
nasib baik le tak bergegau mike stand tu.

lega bila acara tamat.
but the shakiness continued.
Sampai member tegur, takkan takut lagi kot?

I think after this I'll stick to be announcer je la.
a.k.a juruheboh

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