Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ACL Surgery

Had it last 29.5.08 at GH Melaka. My surgeon was Mr.Zaidi. He's also one of the doctors who treated me pre & post surgery. The other one being my own MRSM former student, Dr. Ainizam
Dr. Ainizam yang "pasang" my IV-thingy.

that black brace...to keep my leg straight.
the thick bandage...only for 4 days. Started from my mid-calf until mid-thigh.

on the 4th day, Mr. Zaidi and Dr.Ainizam unwound the thick bandage. This was how the surgery wound looks like. 3 inches long. Nope, no stitches. Just "gam gajah" and "selotep". hahahahaha!
(betul...tak tipu...)

anyway, my heartiest gratitude to Mr.Zaidi and Dr. Ainizam for the more than 1st class treatment I received during my 7-day stay there. Nurses pun baik2 belaka. Diorang tau I was so nervous before the surgery... muka buleh le cover tak tunjuk nervous, tapi tang BP? Huh, high BP reading. But after the surgery, normal BP kak....

also thanks to those who visited me especially Yana-Ghosh-Nurin family & Yanie-Aizi-Alia-Adean family who drove all the way from KL to Melaka. Syukoq pun visited gak. Dapat my peberet biskut from him...hehehe, thanks Koq!

And of course, my family la especially my mom. Malam2 dia temankan di wad. Even though I said no need, she still temankan.

Kasih ibu....


fendi said...

mard...surgery apa ni? why you need to go for this surgery?

Mard said...

old Hindu lady pushed me off the bus while I was stepping down. A ligament (ACL) kat area lutut were torn and also tertanggal terus dari tempat dia melekat kat tulang tu. So the surgery was to replace that ligament using a "spare part" taken from my knee tendon. to temporary attach the tendon to the bones, biodegradable screws were used.