Tuesday, January 3, 2012

budak darjah 1

This is Umar Hakimi, the son to a great friend of mine.
This morning was his first day in school.

and this was his conversation at home, after school, with his mom:

Ummi: Sapa nama cikgu kelas Umar?

Umar: Umar tak ingat 1st name & 3rd name cikgu Umar.
Umar ingat 2nd name dia aje...

Ummi: OK. Apa 2nd name cikgu Umar?

Umar: Binti. Itu je Umar ingat.

Ummi: (toiyoiyiong...)

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jen yong said...

LOL! Tcher Annies' son is so cute! Everytime I saw her posts on fb mesti gelak coz Umar is seriously so cute! :D