Sunday, July 31, 2011

English Camp 2011

it was done in two sessions as we lack manpower and suitable location to handle 244 semester 1 students.

anyway, it was a fun English Camp despite the fact that all 5 English Lecturers & 16 Facilitators 'sacrificed' 2 consecutive weekends for this program. In another word, they had no Saturday-Sunday break for 2 weeks straight!!! They never complained about it... that's how dedicated they are to their tasks. For that, I tabik spring to them....toing toing toing....

The only complained they uttered: students' attendance. About 30 students 'refused' to attend...perhaps they think their English is already like a Mat/Minah Salehs that there's no point for them to attend such camp.

For them, the college will 'arrange' a suitable punishment.

hai la... nak bagi lebih pandai pun susah.

with 'Guest' lecturer: Yanna a.k.a Adik Kecik

the dedicated facilitators

They're tired but they still managed a very 'happy' laugh

you want this baldi? solve this:
subtract 75 from 250, multiply it with 3, divide it by 5, subtract it with 5, then square root it.

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