Saturday, October 24, 2009

So what if you work with JPM?

today is KPM's 2nd 'joint' convocation. Previously, each KPM will have their own convo ceremony. So today, at Dewan Seri Negeri, Melaka & officiated by Dato' Seri Shapie Apdal, KPM AM together with KPM BM are the joint-host for the 'joint' convocation....

so this morning, I arrived at the hall at 7. the committee must be there before 7.30am... if possible, earlier lah.

fast-forward to the first incident that made me so.... ishhhh.... nak aje aku karate mamat tu.

he & his wife came through the main door & walked straight to the front seats, where the important guests are supposed to be seated. Me & a friend & an usherette terkejut la... becoz any VIP will be ushered in to his seat by one of the AJK Jemputan. So, we asked him la, pakcik ni dari bahagian mana.

he said (and i can say he did it arrogantly), saya datang nak tengok anak konvo & saya kena duduk depan sebab saya dari jabatan perdana menteri.

so, we said, maaf pakcik. seat depan ni untuk tetamu jemputan khas saja. Ibu bapa kena duduk di kawasan ibu bapa.

and he kept saying, saya ni kerja kat jabatan perdana menteri tau.

Ya Allah... who cares you kerja kat mana. If you come as a parent, then you need to act accordingly la. Sit with the other parents! lagipun nama dia memang takde dalam senarai jemputan khas pun...

last-last since we wanted to be so-ever 'polite', we called 1 of our big bosses to deal with this pompous ass.

for me, this is a case where a person is too 'perasan' with who he's working with & where he's working at... you came as a parent, so be like other parents la. Sit with them... parents lain takde pulak nak 'demand' nak duduk front seats. mamat tu dah le datang lambat, nak demand pulak.

this is not my first time handling convo/graduation ceremonies. Been doing it for the past 12 years. I know many 'high profile' parents yg really down-to-earth & didn't mind at all seating with other parents during their kids' graduation ceremonies.

except that egoistic pompous ass.....


@theeden said...

tu keje kat JPM tu ntah ke jadi kerani cabuk jer... org hutan baru masuk bandar camtu la.

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