Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mak = Badariah Abu Bakar

When my youngest brother was about 3 years old (me = 17 years old), i love to tease him with this:

" mak along.."
and I will hug my mom.

Udin's reaction?
melolong dia menangis sambil tolak-tolak kita....

"tipuuuu!!! ni mak udin...mak kak long cikgu!!!"


Taman Imigresen JB = 1979

London = 2001

at grandma's house = raya 2008

Happy Mother's Day mak
we love you
(along, lin, yan, udin)

1 comment:

[z@ck] said...

happy teacher's day..
thanks 4 being such a wonderful person 2 me..a good English teacher that never practice favouritism..a gud warden too..

jasamu dikenang smpi bila-bila!
i love you!