Sunday, February 15, 2009

Le Tour de Langkawi 2009- Stage 3

Tarian kebudayaan before the cyclers arrived

3 Dara Pingitan

Puteri 7

Wirawati Melaka...hehehe

Taken from 3rd floor of KPM Melaka. The cycler in yellow is the winner for Stage 3 LTdL 2009, Mattia Gavazzi

after crossing the finish line je, terus "dimandikan" abang-abang bomba

peserta LTdL turut diserbu oleh pelajar KPMM

The finishing line of Stage 3 was very near my college. So did the starting of Stage 4. So, everybody, and i mean EVERYBODY, was so excited... ye la, bukan selalu international event buat kat sini. So, when one is here, join and enjoy it la. hehehe...

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